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Our most recent shoot was commissioned by a Manchester agency where we were asked to not only photograph but create a collage for Metrolink.

The brief required our team to source and colliate all manner of props that can be found in Manchester markets to be used to create a gigantic collage of a tram in the studio. The props that made up the collage included vintage crockery, bric a brac, fresh produce, jewellery, clothing, flowers, fabrics and habidashery items.

The shoot required our team to work creatively within very tight deadlines. The collage measured 7m in length and was constructed on the floor in a section of our large studio in Haydock. The nature of this project meant that the collage had to be shot from 7m above! Our creative and adaptable team built a 12m scaffold to enable a camera to be fixed to the required height to get the perfect shot.

This was a challenging shoot but was an absolutely fantastic project for AMBA to be part of.

Look out for our shots in and around Manchester. It goes live today!




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